Email fraud: Can you tell a fake message from a real one?


Foliot Furniture is committed to maintaining a safe and secure transaction process for our customers.  With cyber attacks on the rise, it is imperative that everyone do their part to protect sensitive information that is exchanged between Foliot Furniture and its clients.  While we have measures in place to help guard against such attacks, we need our customers to be vigilant as well.  As a friendly reminder, we ask that you consider the following to help reduce everyone’s vulnerability:

Always look for signs of fraud in emails asking for personal information:

Misspelled email addresses, signatures or other pertinent details.
• The confirmation Web page to enter your personal or financial data has a different URL than the financial institution website to which you expect to be redirected to.
• The recipient’s address ( for example) seems suspicious (ALL Foliot Furniture associates have the email suffix “”)

NEVER SUBMIT an online payment or wire transfer without speaking to a Foliot Furniture representative over the phone first.
Do not click on links asking for information; rather, go directly to the website you intend to visit.
Immediately report any suspicious messages to your IT administrator and Foliot Furniture.
Before you click, please think about the above-mentioned recommendations.